29 May 2014

Leaving Cert Grad Mass 2014

Leaving Cert Grad Mass Art Work 2014
‘’Pattern of Life’’
Created by the Leaving Cert Art Class of 2014

Students created this beautiful portrait using a combination of paint, paper weaving and collage technique, using photographs of their own self portraits.

Past examples of Leaving Cert and TY Grad Mass Art Work

LC 2004

LC 2006

LC 2008

LC 2010

LC 2011

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LC 2013

TY 2009

21 May 2014

J.C.S.P. Animation Project

Summertime is here!

This very talented group of 1st Year J.C.S.P. students worked extremely hard to create their summertime inspired stop motion animation. Students learnt how to set up a tripod, use a digital camera and take on the roles of Director and Cameraman.

The animation was linked to a 3D hot air balloon project. Students experimented with paper mache, cardboard, modroc, wire, paint and spray paint. Their completed 3D balloons were photographed outside, with their mini me’s flying high! 

Click on the link to view more photographs

11 Apr 2014

LC and JC Art Practical Exam Papers 2014

The school year goes by so quickly! It's hard to believe it's exam time already as Art students received their Practical papers this week. Best of luck to all Art Students who will be sitting their exams after the Easter Holidays. Here is the link to view and download copies of this year's exam papers for

Leaving Certifciate:
  • Craft
  • Design
  • Still Life / Imaginative Composition
  • Life Sketching

Junior Certificate Drawing Exam

Also published by the State Examination Commission is the Chief Examiners Report based on last year's Leaving Cert Art exams. Some interesting points are discussed regarding all areas of the Art course.

Chief Examiners Report Art 2013

10 Apr 2014

TY - St. Patrick's Day Parade

Mr Cotter organised a fantastic project for TY’s students to get involved in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Athenry. The lucky students that volunteered had the opportunity to work with Macnas artist, Tommy Casby, who facilitated a 10 workshop. The aim of the project was to create a float for the parade, based on the theme of Climate Change, as part of our Green Schools Programme. The Igloo and Polar Bear inspired creation won ‘Best Float’ on the day. Congratulations to all the students who took part and huge thanks to Tommy Casby for an excellent  workshop. Click on the link to view the photo gallery.


3 Apr 2014

Green Schools Poster Competition - WINNERS!

On Tuesday 8th April, broadcaster Charlie Bird visited Presentation College Athenry following his month long fact finding trip to the Arctic! Charlie met with students to discuss Climate Change as part of the our Green School's programme and announced the winners of our Poster Competition. Students designed posters to educate the public about the correct usage of the Green Bin, Blue Bin and Brown Bin and how to Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle. The Art Department received lots of fantastic entries and here are the lucky five winners who received their Ipod's from Charlie. Many thanks to Mr Cotter who organised the competition and brilliant prizes.

JCSP Yr 1 - Amy Trowell GREEN BIN

Gintare Rindzeviciute  - 1st Year F8 -           BROWN BIN

Ali Hovenden - 2nd Year F25   BLUE BIN

Orla De Vere - 1st Year F8

Jo Concannon  - 4th Year

Check out Charlie Bird's amazing video of him meeting seals while travelling through Antarctica, which he talked about during his visit. 

Senior Cycle Art - Dublin Gallery Trip March 2014

Dublin City Gallery Huge Lane
4th and 5th Year students had a busy day in Dublin visiting the National Museum of Ireland  and The Dublin City Gallery Huge Lane. Students were able to appreciate firsthand beautiful objects from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age, which they are currently studying for their Art History Exam.

The Hugh Lane Gallery houses the foremost collection of Irish and International modern and contemporary art in Ireland. Students were given a guided tour around the gallery and discussed the artworks of the great Impressionist painters such as Monet and Renoir.
  • Les Parapluies or The Umbrellas by Auguste Renoir

Waterloo Bridge, London - Claude Monet

The tour ended with students exploring the studio of Francis Bacon which was relocated from London in 2001.

The following links shows a video of curators discussing Francis Bacon: A Terrible Beauty Exhibition

JCSP - Make A Book Exhibition 2014

1st Year JCSP students had a fantastic day visiting the 16th Make a Book Exhibition, which was held in the Civic Offices in Dublin.  Make a Book is part of the Junior Certificate School Programme, which offers a forum for students at Junior Cycle to exhibit their imaginative creations.

This year’s cross curricular project involved Art, Music, Computers and English, where by students created a book all about them, entitled, ‘My Face Book’.  Congratulations to all students who participated in the project with great enthusiasm and imagination.

Some examples of the photography and artworks included in the students finished books, which included stories about school life, family, friends, sport, hobbies and music.

Here's a link to view last year's Make a Book exhibition, which included PCA's Musical Birds entry http://vimeo.com/86402018

2 Apr 2014

Feeling the Love!

1st Year JCSP students created some beautiful Valentine Day cards by using fake plastic flower petals and filtered photography.... Love!

11 Jan 2014

PCA Green Schools Poster & Logo Competition

As part of the Green School Programme, Mr Cotter has organised a Poster Competition with fantastic prizes
for the lucky winners!The competition is open to all students, not just art students, and there will be a winner selected for each theme - Winning students will receive an iPod AND the winning artworks will be used to create a pop up banner which will be displayed in the school to educate students and staff. Winning student's photos will appear in local press. 

Drop in your completed entries into the Art Room or NUIG Art, into the special Green Schools Art Box provided.  Clearly write your name, year and form on the back of each entry. Closing date for entries is FRIDAY 14th February 2013.

1st Year Theme
A3 poster educating public on what waste goes in the BROWN BIN eg. food waste

2nd Years Theme
A3 poster educating public on what waste goes in the BLUE BIN eg. Paper, clean containers etc

3rd Year Theme  
A3 poster educating public on what waste goes in the GREEN BIN: waste for the landfill

4th Year Theme  
A3 poster educating public on the 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'  idea

5th Year Theme
A logo for 'Presentation College - A Green School' on A3 paper

Useful links
Green Schools Ireland
What Goes In The Bin?

9 Jan 2014

Guernica 3D

Guernica by Pablo Picasso
1937, Oil on canvas 349 cm × 776 cm
Location Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

‘’Guernica is to painting what Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is to music: a cultural icon that speaks to mankind not only against war but also of hope and peace.” — Alejandro Escalona (Journalist) on the 75th anniversary of the painting's creation, 2012

Guernica was created in response to the bombing of Guernica, a Basque Country village in northern Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work is a reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and a symbol of peace. Upon completion, Guernica was displayed around the world in a brief tour, becoming famous and widely acclaimed. This tour helped bring the Spanish Civil War to the world's attention. Click on the following links to learn more about the history of Guernica and the hidden meanings and symbols within the painting.

Guernica Explained

11 Dec 2013

Contemporary Art - Turner Prize

What is the Turner Prize?
The Turner Prize is a contemporary art award that was set up in 1984 to celebrate new developments in contemporary art. It is awarded each year to ‘a British artist under fifty for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the twelve months preceding’.
The four shortlisted artists present works in a show normally held at Tate Britain before the winner is announced in December. This year, the prize will be held in Derry~Londonderry as part of the
City of Culture 2013 celebrations. This is the first time the prize has been held outside England. Over recent decades the Turner Prize has played a significant role in provoking debate about visual art and the growing public interest in contemporary British art in particular, and has become widely recognised as one of the most important and prestigious awards for the visualarts in Europe.

Art News - Francis Bacon painting sells for record $142m

Francis Bacon's three-panelled painting "Three Studies of Lucian Freud" has become the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction when it was bought for $142.4m (€105.9m).


Francis Bacon's work and original London studio is on permanent display in the Huge Lane Gallery in Dublin.  http://www.hughlane.ie/history-of-studio-relocation

26 Nov 2013

Upcoming Art Competitions 2013/2014

The Galway Advertiser
Closing date for entries is Saturday 7th December

JCSP Competition - Digital Photo Story

Point, shoot and narrate!
 A narrated digital photographic story in response to the Competition theme -
‘My place and my community’
 Closing date: December 10th 

Closing date for entries is Friday 13th December